XCA3000, the world's heaviest wheeled crane, shows promise in first lift

Cranes are one of the most important parts of constructing new buildings have now been enhanced to lift more weighted material in reduced time efficiently.

XCMG’s manufactured XCA3000, the world's largest tonnage wheeled crane, completed its first assignment by hoisting a 25-ton (approx. 22 metric tons), 95-meter-long (311-feet-long) wind turbine blade to a height of 107 meters (351 feet) at a wind energy facility.

According to WINDCRANE, cranes provide an early warning for crane operators, project managers, and other key personnel involved in construction on site - delivering comprehensive analysis of wind data within minutes.

Benchmark in operational efficiency and lifting capacity

It set a new benchmark in operational efficiency and lifting capacity in the installation of wind turbines according to a statement by the company.

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The undertaking of such an initiative took place in Yingkou, Liaoning Province, China, at the Dashiqiao Xintai New Energy 200 MW (megawatts) wind energy facility.

The statement noted that after the hoisting, the massive crane “was then accurately docked onto the wind turbine hub and installed in place.” 

XCA3000 was specially devised to elevate wind turbines, resulting in more than doubled operational efficiency. Currently, a wind turbine nacelle, weighing 135 tons and generating 5MW of power, can be efficiently installed within a 30-minute operational timeframe.

Hoisting up to 3000 tons

This crane is equipped with the ability to lift up to 3000 tons, making it perfect for setting up wind turbines up to 10 megawatts. It could lift 190 tons at a height of 160 meters, setting a new benchmark for wheeled cranes with the highest lifting capacity, the statement noted. 

The development of the XCA3000 addressed the increasing demand for lifting and installation equipment that had higher capacities and greater efficiencies in the wind power industry. As wind power equipment grows larger and heavier, there's a need for advanced lifting technologies to handle these components effectively.

As a result, engineers designed the crane with high-performance flexible boom technology, which enhanced its efficiency. It reduced the time needed to install a wind turbine by 20-30 percent and further improved grade ability by 20 percent, implying higher effectiveness in heavy-load transfer.

“XCMG has independently researched and developed wheeled cranes capable of lifting over a thousand tons and has now successfully achieved import substitution with these models,” the company said in the statement.

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