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TIDEFI Mainnet And DEX App Goes Live As TDFY Sunrise Pool Token Distribution Nears

Providing streamlined access to a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem will usher in the next generation of crypto users. TIDEFI wants to become that gateway into decentralized finance through its DEX and with one ecosystem asset. Moreover, the project appeals to market makers, traders, and builders, establishing a crucial foundation for Web3 development.

Unfracturing DeFi Access

In the current decentralized finance landscape, financial equality remains tricky to come by. More specifically, there are many opportunities in the industry, but most are only accessible if one has sufficient knowledge of the broader industry and its currencies. TIDEFI aims to simplify this process by unlocking decentralized finance for everyone.

Exploring traditional DeFi opportunities and protocols requires specialized software for different networks and solutions, assets across various blockchains, and the ability to keep track of everything. It is not something most newcomers want to approach, as it is overly complex. Instead, they seek a streamlined and more accessible ecosystem providing the necessary tools and a unified experience across all devices.

TIDEFI offers a native standalone application that is different from traditional browser-based DeFi access. It is an application that provides all the necessary tools and features and works across all major desktop PC operating systems. Additionally, the same look and feel will come to dedicated applications for Android and IOS later this year.

Moreover, it is crucial to understand how TIDEFI came to be. Its mainnet launch and DEX app are two essential milestones. The team achieved both roadmap goals without VC funding or unnecessary presales, although the project has 2.5 million GBP in seed round funding. Instead, they will bring more value to the community and set the stage for the distribution of 320 million TDFY tokens – 32% of the supply minted during Genesis – accordingly.

Driving Community Value

The TDFY Sunrise Pool and community treasury will unlock value for the community. The Sunrise Pool will provide initial liquidity for TDFY and help holders explore DeFi opportunities. In addition, the community treasury is set up to attract builders and developers creating on top of TIDEFI’s infrastructure. Additionally, there is one base currency for the DEX and the layer-1 ecosystem to incentivize community participation.

“Looking at the industry over the last couple years, specifically in the exchange space, we wanted to build a secure DEX that leveraged the price discovery and speed of a CEX, whilst giving the user complete control of their funds. Combining this with chain agnostic interoperability, we are excited to offer a transparent ecosystem for our community to participate in,” said TIDEFI Co-founder and CEO Daniel Elsawey.

One crucial difference TIDEFI brings to the table is enhancing decentralized finance with untraditional features. For instance, users can rely on limit orders through the native decentralized exchange, among other benefits.




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