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Bitcoin Price Action + Dollar Cost Average your way into Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Price Action + Dollar Cost Average your way into Bitcoin

Welcome to the show this week where we chat about what $14k means for Bitcoin and breakdown the Dollar Cost Average technique when it comes to investing in Bitcoin. The world of cryptocurrency is constantly and quickly evolving with things like Defi, Yield Farming, and trading and we share some of our experiences having played with some of the latest projects in the space. We believe one of the best practices you can take is diversifying your crypto holdings and using Dollar Cost Averaging as an entry point.

We are not your financial advisors, but we can tell you about our experiences in the crypto space. There is always something new and exciting happening with crypto and we make crypto our lives, but living a healthy life is always just as important. We share some of our ways to unplug from all the noise. 

Want to learn about more of the basics of getting involved in Bitcoin? Watch the team chat about the current economy and some advice for getting involved with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Basics: Bitcoin for Beginners Essential Stream

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