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Meet Taiwan's new Terminator-inspired anti-drone SKYNET gun

The Taiwanese armed forces have reported integrating a new, powerful, counter-drone weapon across its services. The SKYNET ADS weapon is a double-barreled-looking gun developed by the Taiwanese company DronesVision.

This anti-drone system is produced domestically and built from scratch in Taiwan. It has a futuristic firearm shape reminiscent of sci-fi films like The Terminator and an ergonomic design to make it easy for infantry and security guards to operate. The SKYNET ADS can effectively block hostile drones' video transmission and GPS signal and even force them to return or land on the ground within its range. By deploying SKYNET ADS, your airspace will be completely secure.

According to Taiwan's Legislative Yuan policy report, the systems must be used simultaneously with light weapons. There are also plans to integrate a line-of-sight UAV countermeasure system with active warning, passive detection, and interference functions, as reported by Liberty Times.

As part of a $146-million program, over 40 military bases across Taiwan will receive drone defense upgrades worth $4.6 billion.

Taiwan's new anti-drone gun

According to the report, the military still uses joint intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) to closely monitor China's military activities around Taiwan and provide early warning capabilities. To counter Beijing's cyberattacks, Taiwan is also reinforcing its command-and-control resilience.

The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense has stated that deploying anti-drone systems is a top priority to deal with gray-zone warfare threats. Plans are being made to integrate a line-of-sight drone countermeasure system with active warning, passive detection, and interference.

New anti-drone guns have been deployed in Taiwan, nearly two years after an alleged Chinese UAV spied on the island nation. The drone took photos of Taiwanese soldiers stationed at the Lieyu Garrison Battalion.

As part of their standard operating procedure, a soldier attempted to photograph a hostile drone while others were observed throwing rocks at it. This incident and other illegal intrusions by Beijing have led military officials and analysts to call for a review of Taiwan's defense strategies against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Part of a multi-tier anti-drone defense

At the time of the incident, RFA reports released footage that showed two Taiwanese soldiers wearing masks throwing rocks at the Chinese drone that was flying over a Taiwanese military post. The drone captured an image of two soldiers in their watch room, one with a camera, looking both curious and startled.

The Kinmen Defense Command informed that an incident occurred on Erdan, an islet located 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) from Kinmen Island. However, it is only 3.7 miles (6 kilometers) from the coast of China's Xiamen island.

Lieutenant Colonel Chang Tzu-Hung has stated that the defense ministry needs to consider different ways to determine the best strategy for identifying, tracking, and reporting threats. Following the recent drone incursion, Taipei has increased its efforts to create anti-drone systems that could be used in case of a potential conflict with China.

Taiwan, Taiwan News reports, is integrating military-civilian technology to develop new electronic warfare systems. It seeks to enhance network defense and cybersecurity capabilities through inter-agency intelligence exchanges and joint cybersecurity exercises.

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