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Hivemapper Bee: Earn by Driving with Solana’s Mapping

Hivemapper, known for its blockchain-powered global map, now lets users effortlessly drive and earn.

Drive, Map, Earn: Hivemapper’s Seamless Integration

Hivemapper Bee eliminates the need for manual app operation or the tedious wait for data uploads, streamlining the process of mapping data collection. This development boosts user experience and speeds up Hivemapper’s growth, leading to more precise and current global maps.

Hivemapper Bee operates on the principle of simplicity and efficiency. By automating data collection and upload processes, users can focus on their driving without worrying about the technicalities of data capture. The result is a more dynamic and detailed mapping resource that benefits from the collective contributions of its user base.

Moreover, Bee introduces a novel incentive model that rewards users for their contributions to the network. By simply driving as they normally would, users accumulate credits that can be exchanged for various rewards. This incentive encourages extensive use and engagement with Hivemapper, aiming for the most detailed user-created map.

More About Hivemapper

Map AI Trainer platform is a critical component that ensures the accuracy and reliability of Hivermapper’s mapping technology. The platform engages over 10,000 daily active AI Trainers who dedicate an average of one hour each day to meticulously labeling and conducting quality assurance on data.

Finally, there are over 1 million daily reviews by AI Trainers to refine Hivemapper’s intelligence, ensuring precise bringing comprehensive maps.


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