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Binance Says Some Users Potentially Hit By China’s Biggest Data Breach

Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao claims that their threat intelligence has identified the sale of the personal information of over 1 billion people on the dark web.

CZ said the leaked details contain details like names, national identity, address, police, and medical records, and are from an Asian country. Other reports suggest the details are those of Chinese citizens. 

BINANCE has increased its security verification to protect the potentially affected users, CZ said. 

Massive Data Leak From China

In an anonymous post on an online forum, a person or group by the member name ChinaDan claimed that the Shanghai National Police database was hacked. The hacker claimed to possess 23 TeraBytes worth of information on a billion Chinese citizens, as pointed out by the Binance CEO. The sheer amount of data makes this breach the largest ever in China.

The hacker has asked for a price of 10 Bitcoins, currently worth over 191,000 USD. According to many, the asking price is very low compared to its worth.


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