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Top Cryptocurrencies to Mine in 2020

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It seems like the cryptocurrencies have passed the peak of their hype, and now people are not so obsessed with making digital money. However, the crypto market keeps moving forward with many users ready to mine and make a profit on trading. Even students take part in the game: when you constantly have no cash, the opportunity to make some out of nowhere seems very attractive (besides, it will help to cover online services like science hw answers that facilitate your college life).

Who else, but students know how to solve different Math tasks that are used in the process of mining (unless they delegate this job to computer algorithms). No matter what, cryptocurrencies still don`t lose popularity, and today we will talk about the top promising coins you should focus on this year.

Top crypto coins to mine this year:

Just like we said earlier, everybody loves easy money: for example, students have to pay loans and cover online services sending requests like «Please, do my homework cheap» to different companies. Despite common beliefs that mining is easy and carefree, this is a very complex process requiring your time, attention, and powerful PC. Before you decide which cryptocurrencies are worth investing in this year, let’s consider the main criteria of their profitability. Choosing a coin, you should pay attention to its price (the more expensive, the better), the time of block generation (the more blocks, the better), hash rate, the efficiency of your equipment, and the cost of electricity.

Choosing the coin, you should also check whether there is an option to withdraw funds to fiat (nobody needs money that cannot be spent, even students), what exchanges support this coin (if it is not popular, it can become really hard to find a platform ready to convert it), and see the restrictions your country may have for mining. On this list, you will find cryptocurrencies that are both popular (which means less headache with withdrawing) and are not likely to fall in 2020 (and that means profit):

  • Grin

This cryptocurrency is one of the new coins and is based on the Proof-of-Work algorithm. Its protocol guarantees the privacy of all transactions made within its network. The number of coins is unlimited, which makes it a perfect target for miners, but as it uses three recently developed algorithms, your software should be properly updated. The current price of this coin is $0,45, and it can be found on multiple crypto exchanges.

  • Zero Cash

The coin first appeared four years ago, and its algorithm is aimed at mining graphics cards. It provides completely anonymous transactions that are impossible to track; the commission is minor, which makes it very convenient to trade. It works on the Proof-of-Work algorithm, and you can receive 10 ZEC for building one block. Currently, the price of this coin reaches $30,43 that helped it be massively used on popular exchange platforms.

  • Raven Coin

It is actually a Bitcoin hardfork that was created two years ago and can now boast with quite high liquidity (even though its cost is very low). It is on the top 100 cryptocurrencies list on the market reaching $78 million in profit. Briefly, the platform is a P2P Blockchain that is used for quick and efficient exchange of assets based on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Last year developers upgraded it with some new features like messaging, mobile wallet, and voting and it is already available on several popular trading platforms.

  • Monero

This cryptocurrency is six years old, and during all these years it proved to be quite reliable. It uses a complex algorithm and provides an exceptional anonymity level to users which helps it stand out from other profitable coins promising to make more money in 2020. Right now the price of one XMR is equal to almost $40, and this number will grow.

  • Litecoin

This Bitcoin hardfork is considered among the most successful and expensive ones, so if you can afford to mine it, you should give it a try. One LTC is now equal to $36,27 being one of ten world`s cryptocurrencies with over $2 billion market cap. Why should you choose this coin? It is easy to trade and can be exchanged on multiple platforms, it uses SCRYPT protocol and has low transaction fees complemented with high speed.

  • DASH

This coin positions itself as digital cash among cryptocurrencies. It provides global secure swift transactions and its cost today reaches almost $66, which makes it a great candidate to bring you profit in 2020. The only difficulty you may have is the equipment not powerful enough to cope with its algorithm, so you should invest in it first.

  • Dodgecoin

Initially, this cryptocurrency was created just for fun, but the real fun began when it suddenly has become extremely popular and reached the top 30 world cryptocurrency providing a $220 million market cap. Even though its price is not high, it is a promising coin that doesn’t require an expensive PC and thus, you can start mining easily.

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