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Live in the metaverse through evts

In the near distant future, we can design and own the activities of our avatars. NFT images are simply not dynamic enough to allow this. There is something new called EVT (Encrypted Variable Token) which allows a digital asset to grow, be molded, shaped, and released for continual asset gaining in the Metaverse. The most interesting part about EVT is that it gives owners privacy through it’s uniquely designed smart contract. The token is written with secure dynamic code. 

This is extremely exciting. It means once I own my EVT, may it be a 2D image, a 3D image, a 4D cinematic experience, or a mp3 music piece, it has the potential to gain in value continuously throughout its lifetime depending on the interactions that happens with its surrounding virtual environment and people.

This takes the metaverse into a whole new level. Instead of a static collectible item, these EVTs will become alive, or sentient. EVTs can be designed with a programmable birth date, the age hurdles in between, and some with a death date if desired. The designer’s imagination is no longer limited and can realize intrigues we have never seen in reality.

There is an EVT example of this in the Andverse Metaverse called the Infinity Flower. It was seeded in late May of 2022, and now it continues to grow as passerby comes to view it. This flower was programmed with no death date because it is infinite. A passerby has an array of options, to view it, to water it, to give it nutritious soil, boost its light intake, and shower it with love energy.  All of these options will help it grow continuously, infinitely into the digital future of mankind.

One can design any item, thing, or being. Some cool film EVT concepts are already in the works by one of Newton’s Blockchain communities called the BitPenguin Studio. Some other examples include EVT animal that quickly evolves from a mini ferocious furball to a kind giant mammoth looking entity. There are metahumans being born every day, programmed with different styles, personalities, traits, and the owner may purchase other EVT boosters to give it a new skill set, or a new superpower, like touch everything and turn it into an ice sculpture for a second. Anything you can imagine in the vast world of virtual games ever made, can now be realized in the metaverse via EVTS. Each time there’s a boost, the main asset will gain value, either for keepsake as an avatar friend, or traded or released into different meta-terrains.

Newton (NEW) global tech team is working on optimizing the EVT technology conceptualized in February, 2022.  J.Z. Xu, Newton’s founder, hopes to see the adoption of EVTs in the metaverse by the end of this year. This will revolutionize the way people interact with digital entertainment in the future. The possibilities and applications are vast for the industry of fashion, art, music, and films. The Newton community also has developed a premier EVT mobile app called Wave ready to drop any day, allowing first users to experience the infinity flower and beyond.

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