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CEO of $1.5 Trillion Investment Firm Reveals Crypto Investments, Says She Holds Bitcoin and Three Altcoins: Report

The chief executive of a $1.5 trillion investment firm says she’s bullish on blockchain technology and is a crypto investor.

Jenny Johnson, the CEO and president of Franklin Templeton, recently spoke with Fortune about her outlook on digital assets and blockchain.

Franklin Templeton has clients in more than 160 countries and for a spot Bitcoin () exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the US in September.

Johnson her personal crypto investments represent a small portion of her overall investment portfolio. The CEO notes she’s purchased Bitcoin, Ethereum () and the native assets of the decentralized exchanges (DEXs) SushiSwap () and Uniswap (), adding that she owns “a couple of different things like that.”

Johnson says she thinks Bitcoin has a use case but notes that she’s even more excited about the overall concept of blockchain technology than BTC specifically.

“It’s going to enable the democratization of private markets. Well, why does it do that? This is because the technology takes out the frictional costs associated with processing transactions. And if you can reduce the friction in transactions, then you can more easily securitize or fractionalize ownership of things that would have been operationally too difficult to consider. Instead, you’re able to create and transfer ownership of these hard-to-process assets much easier.

It’s going to unlock non-traditional, non-correlated types of asset classes that are going to be interesting for our clients. We also think that it’s going to make more efficient the types of products that you have today.”


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