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GREED is back, why should you care?

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Hello HODLer,

Just a quick message to express my thoughts about the current state of the market. The Fear & Greed indicator is one of the simplest but most useful to understant in which market's phase we are in.


It clearly feels we are in a Bull Market Phase, with elections stress going away and more and more bullish news (for Bitcoin mostly).


We touch a 90 score yesterday and are still very high compared to the past few months as you can see below.

I expect a small consildation before going up again.

I would also like to differentiate Bitcoin and Alts, Bitcoin going up is a no brainer for me. This is less the case for Alts are many of them do not have a clear narrative or value proposition (even if they can indeed moon).

We have an economic crisis, political crisis incoming in the US and a Health worldwide crisis so I expect the money printer to continue to print but risk-on assets to underperform and I put alts in this bucket.



To conclude, I am keeping my BTC Long but I am more neutrals on Alts at the moment.

I am looking still at some tasty ones !

Cheers, and be careful


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