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Crypto Enthusiasts Predict Zompot, Shiba Inu, and Zilliqa are poised for a crypto rally in the future

Today, cryptocurrencies are the envy of every investor in the global financial services sector. Their popularity is in stark contrast to the caution that people observed while approaching these blockchain-based assets until a few years ago.

As factors like advancements in blockchain technology, regulatory support, and the digital push in the wake of the pandemic bolstered their grip on the market, cryptocurrencies left seasoned investors impressed with promising returns.

If you are searching for assets that can fetch decent returns even when you see crypto prices going down, you should start by researching some of the leading names like (ZPOT), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Zilliqa (ZIL).


(ZPOT) Is Tackling Blockchain Security

Launched in 2022, the decentralised cryptocurrency is built on Smart Chain and caters to a multitude of financial purposes like swapping and trading.

has its own native token called ZPOT that can be used for various transactional purposes like staking, liquidity pool provisioning, and yield farming Interested buyers can purchase it on presale.

Given the popularity of metaverse solutions, the creators of designed it as a futuristic digital asset which will be available for trading in metaverse too. Over time, the ZPOT Token can be instrumental in addressing the problem of monetary shortage in the virtual economy.

Users within the platform would be able to trade and generate wealth by trading metaverse-compatible cryptocurrencies.

As far as security is concerned, has all corners covered. With a host of robust security and privacy features, is striving to solve privacy and security challenges that often riddle cryptocurrency platforms.

Even as transactions are conducted between pseudonyms in the case of most cryptocurrencies, the information stored on a public LEDGER may be misused by malicious actors.

To ramp up security by tackling the problem, unlinks transactions from the origin of the payment point via the decentralised anonymous payment (DAP) schemes. Under the DAP schemes, users get to pay other users either directly or privately while hiding the payment amount, selected destination, and the point of origin.

The ZPOT token has a total supply of 500,000,000 units and is built on a niche model that curbs inflationary tendencies while keeping price fluctuations to the minimum.

The token supply has been distributed under different heads to ensure that the platform's development can continue while ensuring ample liquidity during various phases of growth.

For instance, 5% of the token supply is reserved for its legal development and 10% of the supply has been set aside for marketing activities. Another 35% of the collective token supply has been allocated for public sales and an extra 15% for private sales.


Shiba Inu (SHIB) Is Demonstrating Success With Meme Coins

Shiba Inu is among the earliest meme currencies to have made a splash in the world. Like most meme coins, Shiba Inu was also inspired by a meme that was developed in jest.


By tokenising its value, Shiba Inu's creators were able to create a formidable meme coin that has patrons spread across the world.

It has its own native token SHIB that can be used for transactional purposes like staking, liquidity provisioning, yield farming, and token swapping, among others.

The token can be bought and sold at ShibaSwap. It can also be found on Uniswap and the list of exclusive cryptocurrency centralised exchanges.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Is Building High-Performance dApps

Zilliqa is a one-stop-shop for the various tools that developers need for building powerful and highly scalable dApps.

The blockchain-powered system has its own native token ZIL that can be used for a range of transactional obligations that one may encounter on the platform.

With its niche system of smart contracts that offers unmatched levels of privacy and security, the platform pulls out all stops to protect investor interests.

If you are looking forward to adding a token to your crypto wallet or portfolio during this crypto winter, SHIB and ZIL might be a good option. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency ethicists predict that ZPOT will ascend to the top once it launches in the market.

Join Token (ZPOT)’s Presale:

Presale: http://rise.zompot.com/

Website: http://zompot.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/ZompotTokenOfficial




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