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Olive-Oil Producer Issues First Euro-Stablecoin-Denominated Bond on Obligate’s DeFi Platform

Lamar Olive Oil has issued an on-chain bond using Obligate in a first for the sustainable-agriculture industry, the Switzerland-based decentralized finance (DeFi) platform said Thursday.

The French company’s bond is the first issuance to be denominated in Membrane Finance’s EUROe, which the company says is the only EU-regulated crypto stablecoin.

The underwriting and structuring process, including credit evaluation and ongoing risk monitoring was conducted by Obligate’s credit rating partner Credora, the company said.

, which is built on the Polygon blockchain, helps small and medium-sized enterprises by providing a safe and transparent way of issuing, tracking and settling debt, and with the thresholds to issue bonds lowered, companies in developing and emerging markets can gain increased access to funding.

Smart contracts replace the role of the issuer and paying agent in the settlement layer of a traditional bond issuance.

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