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DogeCoin and PornStars

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When I searched for news about Dogecoin, I found this odd trend.The most notable example of this is Angela White. There are many adult performers who openly support Dogecoin, publicly.

Starting in 2014, she posted on Reddit that she was supporting Dogecoin.

She has since invested in DOGE and can be considered someone hoarding, as can be seen from her Twitter status.

Perhaps she is even influencing the latest DOGE pumps. A third case includes Mia Khalifa.









doge white







It would have been nice for her to attend the pump party, but she came late.






Yet, she still continues to post videos. Both Dana Dearmond and Leana Paul recently made a public statement stating their admiration of Doris Day.  






You may be thinking that this is nonsense. 




I would not recommend you watch any NSFW stuff because watching them is such a waste of your time!



Dana Dearmond and Leana Paul recently added themselves to the list of pornstars DOGE fans.



Many well-known adult performers have huge followings and can develop a cult following, and in turn bring fame to cryptocurrency; they can help regular Internet users discover the value of digital coins. Another example is that there are famous pornographic platforms that accept payments in DOGE. Therefore, do not demonize it, because this can be another little step towards mass adoption.

The following statement is true: .


Also, there are famous porn platforms that accept DOGE payments (example here).

So, don't demonize it, because this can be another little step towards mass adoption.


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