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Introducing Proof Of Memes: The Ultimate Memecoin Blockchain

PRESS RELEASE. The last ten years or so have done a lot to amplify and empower meme culture on the internet, but the truth is that memes have existed in one form or another for much, much longer. An in-depth history of memes is a topic for another time, but if there is one thing to know about memes it would be to understand their immeasurable impact on modern culture.

Memes are a perfect way to spread an idea, establish a concept, and make people think about it. The reason why they are so successful is that they rely on symbols, images, and a single idea assembled into a simple presentation. Memes are simple yet transfer complex thoughts and ideas, which is how they have become one of the most popular ways to spread ideas and information.

For some time now, companies have recognized that memes quickly and simply spread information. They have since been using memes in their marketing campaigns with great success. In 2013, memes entered the crypto industry with the launch of Dogecoin (DOGE), which then led to an entirely new facet of the crypto space called memecoins.

Everything that has happened surrounding the history of memes has led to a single point, preparing the industry for the launch of what might be the ultimate meme project — Proof Of Memes (POM).

What is Proof of Memes?

There have been plenty of projects in the memecoin sector of the crypto industry — Dogecoin being the first. This started the current popular memecoin trend. This opened the door for the creation of a blockchain focusing on this particular aspect of crypto. Memecoins began gaining popularity over the last few years, leading to majorly successful projects such as Shiba Inu (SHIB), Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE), Akita Inu (AKITA), and countless others.

Unfortunately this new trend created opportunity for dishonest individuals to take advantage of token buyers and traders in the space. A significant portion of tokens launched on existing blockchains have been built upon deceptive tactics or even outright fraud.

This high risk trading environment laid the groundwork for the creation of something new and innovative to address the issue head on. Proof Of Memes (POM) was designed to create safety for memecoin traders. Pomchain has been built from the ground up based around this purpose. Most memecoins post Dogecoin were launched on the Ethereum network. POM now aims to become a new hub for meme tokens, offering a number of features that have never been offered to projects on other blockchains.

Proof Of Memes is a Layer-1 blockchain ecosystem with a focus on memecoins. The blockchain itself is a pre-EIP 1559 fork of Ethereum. This is a Proof of Work validation system, which Ethereum used before switching to Proof of Stake. Proof of Work enables users to mine for POM Coin on Pomchain. When Ethereum switched over to Proof of Stake, this took jobs from millions who had been mining the Ethereum coin.

Proof of Memes chose to use the Proof Of Work system to allow those idle miners from the ETH Proof of Work transition to begin mining on Pomchain. This decision to use Proof of Work means the team does not have to worry about computing capacity to secure the blockchain. Additionally, making use of Ethereum’s technology also makes POM EVM compatible and highly familiar to existing ETH network developers.

What does POM have to offer?

POM has already started to build and create a rich and powerful ecosystem for memecoins and beyond. POM has launched its own block explorer titled Memescan, and the POM team previously entered into a partnership with Empire Capital to build its chain’s native decentralized exchange, called PomSwap.

Shortly, Pomchain will be launching several project launch avenues supported by the POM team, the most vetted of those being PomPad. This launchpad will be for projects officially supported by the POM team, with proven utility. The project’s team will have to KYC and provide a credible audit of their project’s smart contract. A simpler avenue for developers will be the SafeStealth option. Here POM will give developers several pre-audited contracts (provided by the POM team) to choose from. This gives investors peace of mind and represents a safe place for raising capital and launching new tokens. Pomchain has already had several successful supported launches which are endorsed by both the team and community leaders to meet a minimum standard of quality and safety for traders.

Proof of Memes is set to be transformed into the ultimate memecoin ecosystem and a one-stop-shop for all meme-based crypto projects. Pomchain began with the memecoin market, but will and has already expanded beyond the scope of memecoins in the future. This will include dApps, NFTs, blockchain gaming, and more. This is a common and successful strategy in business. By starting with a niche market, then expanding into other areas, Pomchain has set the stage to compete with Ethereum and BINANCE Smart Chain in the near future.

Proof of Memes previously launched two limited edition NFT collections to raise funds for the development of the blockchain, while offering groundbreaking benefits to the NFT holders. Released first was the LaunchPack NFTs combined with 10 unique premium NFTs titled LaunchBox. This collection totals 500 utility-based NFTs. Owners of this collection are eligible to receive a 20% to 30% discount on all PomPad launches. The second of those limited edition collections is the BridgeKeeper NFTs. This collection enables holders to earn a percentage of fees collected by the upcoming MemeConnect cross-chain bridge. This will allow users to bridge to and from BSC or ETH.

LaunchBox and LaunchPack holders are considered VIPs of the project, and will receive VIP invitations for future exclusive in-person events planned for 2023 and beyond, including a planned annual memecoin conference. These NFT collections were in high demand at launch, and sold out quickly. In total, POM managed to raise over 400 ETH which is being used for development and marketing.

The platform has two official tokens launched thus far — the governance token, POMG, and the official dog meme token, Pomeranian (POMD). POM originally debuted with the ETH2.0 token, which served as a presale token for POM. ETH2.0 was exchangeable for both POM and POMG, an attractive 2-for-1 deal for early adopters.

POM — The future of memecoins

In a matter of a few months, this project has built and released the PomSwap DEX, safe trading tools and utilities, a governance token, its own NFT collections, and many other benefits and features. This has been done with 100% uptime with a strong network infrastructure, coupled with a strong community of traders and developers.

Proof of Memes has recognized 2023 as a fresh start for the cryptocurrency industry — one where most projects will seek to recover from the devastating effects of the “crypto winter” of 2022. The team behind Proof Of Memes will seize the opportunity and give something unique to both new and returning investors. Pomchain will further cement the presence of memecoins, and allow this sub-sector of the crypto industry to thrive in 2023 and for years to come.

The project’s long-term vision is to right the wrongs of the crypto space, and address issues related to scams and dishonest actors. The ultimate goal is for POM to become the number one home for memecoins and beyond, as communicated in POM’s catchphrase, We Meme Business.




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