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30.09.2020 - Another day into Cryptoverse

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I presume everybody knows by now that KUCOIN exchange, the 4th biggest exchange, was hacked due to human error (attacker got the private keys of one of their hot wallet, how this happen, i wonder!). The good news are that, out of 150 millions, almost $130 million worth of ERC-20 tokens were frozen or invalidated by the small project teams behind them after the hacker managed to steal them from KuCoin, fearing a pump and dump event.

  • DEFI protocols needed two years and a half to reach the first billion locked into the projects, but less than one year to reach 10 billions. Next step. 100 billions, in less than a year? Moon anything? Uniswap alone just reached 2 billions in locked funds. Talking about insane numbers, latest DEFI project, Avalanche, just launched last Monday and already has 1 billion dollars. I just start to learn how to do a DEFI coin, really!

  • The cryptocurrency hedge fund Pantera Capital’s long-term ICO fund is, by now, up 270% mainly thanks to the performance of Yearn.Finance’s YFI, Terra’s LUNA, Polkadot’s DOT.

  • What is increasing lately? Swipe, Storj and Cardano are all in green, after increased double digits in the last day.

  • Joining another nosy nations, New Zealand’s tax authority has requested this week that cryptocurrency firms in the country share their customers’ personal details and cryptocurrency asset values, for tax reasons. You can run, but you can hide. Or you can use decentralized projects without KYC.

  • Crypto.com is joining the DEFI space, as they announced the launch of "Supercharger” on its Exchange: a liquidity mining platform for the most popular DeFi projects. First on the list is the Uniswap token (UNI).

  • Eminence, the latest Yearn.Finance gaming project built by Yearn founder Andre Cronje was hacked before launching. 15 millions were stolen, but most probably the thief liked the idea of the game, as he returned half of the money a bit later. Craaazy!

  • Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Now Has Nearly 2 Million ETH Staked. Do not jump out of your chair, we are talking about testnet ETH, not the real ones, but still, those numbers are promising.

  • Wish you a wonderful trip to China!




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