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Oobit Embraces the NFT World with New Launch

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In its latest venture, Oobit (OBT) has collaborated with celebrated digital artist Mayar Azar to create a collection of unique NFTs. Designed alongside their upcoming loyalty program, the collection is available for trade on OpenSea as they are released, with several already available. Below we take a look at the various NFTs that will make up this exciting collection of digital collectibles, and the story behind them.

The Collection

This NFT collection will consist of 45 unique characters known as Oobits, each designed in a pixelated, video game aesthetic. Fifteen of the characters will be based on the Oobit team, while the remaining thirty will be based on Oobit’s loyalty program, with each character representing a level. Characters representing the loyalty levels will include the likes of The Godfather, The Master, The Caesar, The King Of The Road, The Sultan, etc.

The more advanced the level, the higher the price of the associated character.

The Artist

Mayer Azar is a Tel-Aviv-based artist known for his modern art that seamlessly encompasses a street and pop aesthetic with a fine art approach. Drawing from history and allusion, Azar uses a range of styles and media to create his own contemporary aesthetic.

For the artist, the past symbolizes traditional elements such as stability, cleanness, and aesthetics, while the present and the future express more fragile and provocative elements, while still incorporating a distinct level of beauty.

Blending the past with the present allows Azar, and the viewer, to take a journey of discovery with his art, as he renews things from the past for the contemporary market and invites viewers to take a second, closer look.

His art is known to stir a reaction in the viewer, pushing them to ask questions, challenge narratives and think more deeply about notions; making him a promising and successful young artist in the contemporary art world.

Azar’s work can be found around the world in homes, galleries, businesses and private collections. And now in an NFT collection created especially for Oobit.

The NFTs

All of the NFTs created in collaboration with Mayer Azar will be created on the Ethereum blockchain, using the ERC-721 token standard. Once minted, Oobit will make these digital collectibles available on OpenSea. Once they are sold, the owner may choose to sell them on any NFT marketplace, distributing the characters across any platform.


Oobit NFT Marketplace

The launch of the NFT Oobits collection marks the beginning of a new branch for Oobit. Following the collection of digital tradables entering the NFT realm, the company will be implementing an elaborate loyalty program that is designed to reward a wide range of traders on the platform. Each level of the loyalty program is represented by an NFT character.

This will precede the launch of the in-house Oobit NFT marketplace, a fully-featured NFT engine built for creators, individuals and SMEs. The platform will allow users to create, sell, present, and lease NFTs as well as create meta spaces for presenting digital assets (both 2D and 3D) available under their own URL.

Designed in a peer to peer structure, users will be able to connect with buyers through the integrated video conferencing platform, allowing users to buy, sell and discover digital collectibles across categories like art, fashion, movies, farms, pets and more, all under the trustworthy umbrella of the Oobit brand.

10% of all net transaction revenue will be donated to community partners within the Oobit charitable foundation.

OBT Listed On Uniswap & PancakeSwap

Following successful price gains in recent months, the OBT token has been listed on two of the leading decentralized exchanges in the industry.

The Uniswap listing allows users to engage in the OBT/ETH trading pool that uses the decentralized platform’s automated liquidity protocol to facilitate trades. The listing went live in late October and has been well-embraced by the community.

OBT is also listed on PancakeSwap, another automated market maker (AMM) allowing users to tap into various liquidity pools. The OBT/USDT pool operates on the BINANCE Smart Chain blockchain and functions similar to Uniswap. The PancakeSwap listing went live recently in November 2021.


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