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[WATCH] Defining DeFi: Breaking Down DeFi and Yield Farming with the CEO of SaBi African Crypto Exchange

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It looks like everywhere you look in the crypto space, defi is the speech of the city and seems to take over the crypto space.

So far, challenge platforms such as uniswap have reported volumes that rival established exchanges and the trend does not appear to slow down anytime soon.

Despite the high risks associated with challenging tokens, with evident losses, the evolving space also offers many innovative lending and borrowing opportunities.

in an eclusive webinar call, bitke got to chat with lucky uwakwe, the ceo of sabi exchange, the only african exchange to so far list the largest number of defi tokens, to help demystify and explain the concepts fueling the defi space.

see alsosaBi Exchange becomes the first African stock exchange to list more than 18 challenge projects as blocked assets exceeding USD 9 billion.

Some of Lucky's themes include:

  • deFi vs Traditional Banks – Why Challenge is superior to traditional lending and borrowing.
  • deFi Pool Mechanics – How challenge helps maximize value for money.
  • Agricultural Performance – Smart contracts that move cryptography through challenge to maximum performance.
  • Yield Farming vs. Hedge Funding – How Challenge is Disrupting the Hedge Funding Industry.

Explore the interesting discussion above.

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