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30 days journey staking dot in binance - part 2 (first 15 days tracking)

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Im back again this time with the tracking of first 15 days of STAKING DOT in Binance

If you haven't read MY FIRST POST I encourage you to do it because I show how easy actually is staking in BINANCE nad the results after my first 30 days of staking.

Basically this is the first part of my second journey of staking DOT in Binance. In first place I wanted to just wait the 30 days and then show you the results in a table... But to be honest I was missing to write another post so today doing my daily tracking of the investment I decided to divide the second month results in two different posts.

First of all lets see the actual price of POLKADOT while writting this post, DOT is worth 44.16$ at the moment.






Here you can see the results of the first and fifteenth day of my second journey of staking DOT in Binance.

But what happened between?How much money do I earn each day?It still being a good investment?




In this table I summarize my results of the first 15 days after staking 17.19 DOT that with 12.79 % APY are generating 0.26603441 DOT daily ot what is the same 0.26 $ per day.

Finally after 15 days I have reunited a total of 0.09036495 DOT which now are equivalent to 4$.

Moreover POLKADOT price has keep increasing since I bought 45 days ago with a 70% profit that resulted into 315 $ PROFIT ( I invested around 400 Euros)




It may seem very little to earn $ 4 in 15 days after investing 17 DOT (I think so too) but it is still better than having the DOT standing waiting to sell.I mean, who wants to put a ton of work into a room for months on end if you're not going to sell?Even though if after 15 days I only earned 0.09 DOT it is still much more than if I do nothing with them.

I still think that POLKADOT will play an important role mid-term so I will keep staking to try to get as much DOT I can to try to increase my profits for when I decide to sell.


Thanks for reading my second post and hope to see you all again in 15 days to finish with the second journey of STAKING DOT in Binance.




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