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5 Potential Memecoins That Andrew Tate Might Be Planning on Pumping to Valhallah on June 1st

Legendary influencer, Andrew Tate, has been very vocal about his thoughts on the crypto community in the past few days. In a recent Twitter video, Tate went on a tirade to explain how “Crypto Dorks” don’t add to society and are taking the easiest path to become rich.

The animosity stems from some crypto developers creating crypto memes related to his Tweets and then claiming Tate is invested in the project. As a result, Tate has made it clear that he won’t be endorsing any crypto tokens except for the one he plans to pump on June 1st;


With Tate showing his hand, many analysts are scrambling to figure out which crypto Tate will pump to Valhallah on June 1st. Here are their top 5 picks;

Copium Club – Taking the principles behind the internet and putting them in a token.

COPIUM is the expert’s top pick candidate for the token that Tate will pump to Valhallah on June 1st. Copium Club is a community-centered token that is more than just a typical memecoin investment. Instead, the project embodies the core principles behind the internet, such as humor, fellowship, memes, and trolling, inside a cryptocurrency.

The project is designed for all those that purchased the top of memecoins like PEPE, providing them with another opportunity to profit from the memecoin mania. In addition, COPIUM has created a funny, self-deprecating community for traders who need to come together to cope with the volatility in the market.

The project brought a new meta to the memecoin and presale space by hosting a private presale to 200 top-tier Twitter influencers, traders, and alpha callers. These influencers were allowed to purchase 1 ETH of COPIUM in the presale, helping to establish a strong foundation for the token when it launched.

The solid backing behind the token helped COPIUM attract over $15 million in volume in its first 15 minutes after going live on Uniswap DEX on May 18th;


To keep the launch as fair as possible, presale buyers were only allowed to sell 10% of their investment on launch. The remaining 90% will be linearly unlocked over the next three weeks to prevent mega-dumps in the market.

The reception for COPIUM has been quite exceptional. The project has been trending on DexTools for more than 24 hours and has been added by a slew of top-tier exchanges, including MEXC Global and LBank. Adding further to the excitement, COPIUM recently announced they would do the largest memecoin token burn in history by removing over 30% of the supply from circulation – worth more than 100 ETH.

As a result, experts increasingly believe that COPIUM will be the token that Andrew Tate will pump on June 1st.

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Love Hate Inu – The internet’s most important poling platform

Another project that experts believe Tate might pump in the coming days is Love Hate Inu, a vote-to-earn cryptocurrency that offers real-world utility in a secure and transparent voting platform that rewards users for participation.

Love Hate Inu intends to position itself at the forefront of the online survey market by becoming the first blockchain-powered voting platform that can record immutable results through a ledger. The market is expected to hit $6 billion by 2027, and Love Hate Inu wants to be the leading platform by taking the first-mover advantage.The project has already done a poll on Andrew Tate himself, which attracted over 50,000 votes;


You might wonder why a voting platform might be required when we have social media polls like Twitter. Well, our social media platforms are now filled with paid actors, shills, and bots – making it impossible to truly gauge the public sentiment surrounding a topic. Furthermore, with the recent addition of artificial intelligence, it’s increasingly difficult to separate true opinions from AI-generated ones.

This is where Love Hate Inu steps in by providing a voting platform where whales can’t manipulate or spam the results. To be eligible to vote, users must stake LHINU – the native token – into the platform. The project uses a real-time staking mechanism, so whales can’t swim in and out of the market to sway the results.


Love Hate Inu recently was listed on OKX, one of the top-10 ranked exchanges in the industry – making it the perfect candidate for an Andrew Tate pump in June.

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Sponge – A memecoin based on a legendary TV show

The next candidate for a Tate pump is Spongebob Token, a memecoin that takes its inspiration from the legendary Spongebob Squarepants TV show that ran on Nickelodeon in the 1990s. The project launched directly onto Uniswap on May 4th with no presale and immediately surged as high as $96 million in market cap over the following few days.

SPONGE was touted to follow the footsteps of PEPE as Spongebob memes are all over the internet and are constantly shared – making it a popular target for memecoin traders. Described as the Krabby Patty of memecoins, Spongebob is well on its way to unlocking viral growth after being picked by a number of Alpha influencers that catalyzed an explosive entrance for the memecoin.

SPONGE has already been added to plenty of exchanges, including MEXC Global, LBank, and Poloniex, and is expected to launch on OKX soon.

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AiDoge – Blending artificial intelligence with memes to create a meme-to-earn ecosystem

The next potential candidate on the list is AiDoge, a project that wants to blend memes with artificial intelligence to create a meme-to-earn ecosystem. AiDoge has created the industry’s first meme generation platform that lets crypto users create their own memes, regardless of their artistic experience.

Described as the revolutionary ai-powered meme platform, users on AiDoge can get started creating their own memes using text-based prompts. These are short descriptions inputted by the user to tell the AI what type of meme they want to create. The AI will use this information to generate a meme in seconds.

Once a meme has been created, the meme is sent to the Public Wall to be voted on by platform users. Memes that are voted to the top of the wall each month are rewarded with the native token, $Ai.

The native token utility goes beyond providing rewards. It’s also required by users that want to use the generator to create memes. In addition, users have to purchase credits from the platform to access the meme generator, providing it with ongoing sustainability funds.

Overall, by combining two hot trends – memes and AI – Andrew Tate might use this as his target for a pump to Valhallah.

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Tamadoge – A Fun P2E Ecosystem

The final project that Andrew Tate might pump is Tamadoge, a fun P2E ecosystem that provides substantial rewards to players. Tamadoge intends to become a memecoin that can provide utility to holders by rewarding them in the play-to-earn ecosystem. The project has created a fun P2E arcade filled with games that everybody can enjoy – regardless of their interest in cryptocurrency.


The project recently opened its Tamadoge Arcade, and over 22,000 gamers quickly rushed to the platform to start earning rewards. To gain access to the games, users must purchase credits from the platform using TAMA – providing the memecoin with utility.

Although it’s the expert’s last pick, TAMA still has a strong potential to be a target for Tate to pump.

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