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Atari Announces IEO Collaboration and Listing on  MEXC Global Exchange

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 22nd of November:   Atari Chain’s has been listed on MEXC Global Exchange, one of the world’s leading exchanges of high performance and mega transaction matching technology, capable of completing 1.4 million transactions per second. MEXC currently makes cryptocurrency trading accessible for more than 6 million users in more than 70 countries. At the 2021 Crypto Expo in Dubai, MEXC Global was awarded the “Best Crypto Exchange Asia”. The recent listing follows a chain of other exchanges that Atari Chain has been listed on, including Uniswap, LCX, Bitcoin.com Exchange, 1inch, BitBay and Hotbit, and Atari Chain is poised to be listed on several more in the near future. 

Atari Chain launched its token in 2020 in collaboration with the ICICB Group, which is a leading UAE-based investment management company with investments in many areas, blockchain, crypto exchanges, FinTech companies, financial houses and hedge fund licenses. ICICB Group, which posted a profit of $800 million in 2020 and has over $10 billion in assets under its direct management, holds a 50% stake in Atari Chain. WIth supporters like ICICB, Atari Chain is set to achieve its goal of becoming the world’s leading token of use within the entertainment industry. 

The ATRI token’s primary aim is to be a leading in-game cryptocurrency and become the global payment standard for online entertainment, including gaming and gambling. Atari Chain’s mission is to allow people in developing countries to multiply their income and increase it several percentage points higher than the national incomes of their home countries. Currently, less than 1% of gamers monetize their time gaming. Atari Chain aims to change this, while spurring economic development globally. ATRI tokens gathered in digital games will be used to increase individuals’ purchasing power in society and enable them to improve their lives and harness opportunities. Atari Chain also seeks to increase the incomes of the world’s large unbanked population, which currently stands at approximately 1.7 billion people. In the US alone, 14.1 million adults are unbanked. 

Gamers are not the only ones that will stand to benefit from Atari Chain. Atari Chain will benefit all stakeholders in the entertainment industry, including developers and producers, by allowing anyone within the entertainment ecosystem to fulfil a task with a smart contract. The ATRI token will allow anyone, including the unbanked, to improve their financial condition by monetizing their services through blockchain technology. Blockchain technology will allow every individual to trace their piece of intellectual property, ensuring that everybody is compensated fairly. The token aims to be available on as many smart contract powered platforms as possible globally. While Atari Chain is beginning this journey through video games, the journey will not end there. It is only the beginning.  

To know more about Atari Chain, visit their Website | Reddit | Medium | Discord | Twitter | WhitePaper | and Telegram

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