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Crypto Wallets for Your Assets: Rabby, Nexo Card, and NOW Wallet

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Finding a reliable wallet is important for every crypto investor. It might get overwhelming seeing how many wallets are now available for crypto. Sometimes seeing user reviews and ratings can also be misleading when most heavily promoted products gather more responses which doesn’t always mean that they have the best functions.

In this article, we will look at three crypto wallet services by companies that are trustworthy and well-established. They offer every function that a crypto user might need in a wallet and protect user funds with reliable security measures.

DeBank is a DeFi wallet that allows users to track their portfolio via a convenient dashboard thst includes various data and analytics. The mission of this service is to bring users decentralized finance and encourage mainstream crypto adoption.

Wallet Services Overview

DeBank currently supports 604 protocols allowing users to track their portfolio across 11 chains such as Ethereum, BINANCE Smart Chain, Polygon, etc. Swap is available in beta and is currently being improved to make exchanging crypto quickly and safely.

For those and other purposes, earlier this year, DeBank has released a browser wallet extension Rabby. It’s designed for multi-chain transactions which are not possible in a regular single-chain wallet such as Uniswap that works with Ethereum or Pancake Swap that operates on Binance Smart Chain. With Rabby there’s no switching between two different tabs to access different chains with all core features are present in this browser wallet.


Rabby is designed to minimize any risk that might be involved with blockchain transactions. It has a private key management module that users of METAMASK already had time to test. There are no back-end services such as security rules API so they can’t malfunction or get compromised. Rabby’s source code has been audited by an experienced security audit firm and the wallet is open-sourced.

For privacy reasons, the sending of information about the page will only begin when you click the “Connect” button. Only then the transaction is initiated and the domain of the page is uploaded in order to find the related chain.

Additionally, Rabby includes pre-transaction scanning to detect potential risks. A pop-up window will also include important data such as the estimated balance after the transaction that should be confirmed before sending funds.


Since DeBank is a dex aggregator, it provides a list of gas fees for chains that are available via the website and Rabby.

Nexo is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to take out crypto loans and earn interest on their crypto. Founded in 2018 in Switzerland, Nexo is changing the game by offering interest rates not only on crypto assets and stablecoins but also on fiat currencies.

Wallet Services Overview

20 crypto assets are available for deposit and withdrawal including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), etc.

Nexo Card is a convenient way to access assets kept in your Nexo wallet. Besides monitoring transactions via mobile app, Nexo card also lets users create free virtual cards and get 2% cashback that is automatically credited to the account in NEXO Tokens or BTC. Combining the use of both Nexo crypto wallet and card is a great way to safely use your funds for purchases as well as earn interest on them.


Since it is based in Europe, the Nexo platform is compliant with KYC and AML regulations. They also offer additional tools such as 2-step verification and biometric identification to protect user accounts.

Nexo’s wallet is custodial via a partnership with BITGO and LEDGER Vault. For added security, a part of stored funds are kept in cold storage and private keys are put away offline in a physical bank vault.


Nexo Card doesn’t have any monthly or annual maintenance fees that are usually charged by banks.

NOW Wallet by ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW specializes in instant crypto exchange that does not require users to register or verify their accounts. There are almost 300 crypto assets available for swap and fiat payments can also be used via Visa or MasterCard bank cards. The company is based in Seychelles and has been operating since 2017. Just this year, they have added NOW Wallet to the list of the available services.

Wallet Services Overview

It is a registration-free mobile application that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. Over 20,000 crypto pairs are available on NOW Wallet. Fiat payments are also supported via partnerships with Guardarian and Simplex that process these payments.

This wallet is different from others since it’s a community-driven service. Already established as a trustworthy company, ChangeNOW has made extensive research into what their clients are expecting to see in the wallet application. Intuitive interface and ease of access from anywhere in the world are already established for this service. In addition, on ChangeNOW Twitter account, users can vote for the assets that they want to see in the app.


ChangeNOW wallet is non-custodial which means it doesn’t hold onto user funds. Besides having complete control over their assets, users are also protected by dedicated security on all transactions. No personal data is collected as all required information is stored on the device used to access the application.


The fee structure is the same as on the ChangeNOW swap feature. Fees vary between classic or fixed exchange rates and can be anywhere between 0.5% and 4% and already include all factors that may affect the price such as network fees and exchange between liquidity provider and user wallet. There are no hidden service commissions.

Evaluate and Test

Even though each of the wallets mentioned in this article can suit a crypto investor, there are still individual needs that may sway the choice. It’s important to download and look at the wallet personally before making any transaction. It’s also suggested to start with a small transaction using one of the popular cryptocurrencies such as USDT or ETH. Their speed is usually faster than that of more complicated networks such as BTC. This will present a real-life test where users can check the speed and any fees that are common for transactions on the wallet.

Out of these three, we can highlight NOW Wallet since will suit the needs of newbies in crypto trading as well as seasoned investors. This wallet doesn’t only offers the features typical for other crypto wallets, but also comes with a robust infrastructure that can prove to be useful along the way. Still, always remember to do your own research.


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