Dapp Data with DappRadar Week 12

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7 Day activity of the top gaming and marketplace Dapps of the week

  1. Name: NEOFish

    Protocol: NEO

    Users: 5.5k

  2. Name: EOS Dynasty

    Protocol: EOS

    Users: 4.8k

  3. Name: CatPromotion

    Protocol: ETH

    Users: 3.9k

  4. Name: NEOLAND

    Protocol: NEO

    Users: 3.8k

  5. Name: My Crypto Heroes

    Protocol: ETH

    Users: 3.6k

  1. Name: CryptoTree

    Protocol: TRON

    Volume: $486.4k

  2. Name: EOS Dynasty

    Protocol: EOS

    Volume: $55.7k

  3. Name: HyperSnakes

    Protocol: ETH

    Volume: $35.2k

  4. Name: Contract Servant

    Protocol: ETH

    Volume: $33.4k

  5. Name: MegaCryptoPolis

    Protocol: ETH

    Volume: $22.8k

  1. Name: Opensea

    Protocol: ETH

    Volume: $184.1k

    Users: 1k

  2. Name: Miime

    Protocol: ETH

    Volume: $10.6k

    Users: 147

  3. Name: TokenTrove

    Protocol: ETH

    Volume: $8.6k

    Users: 311

About Upland

#5 in the overall games category – 23.03.20

How about virtually roaming San Francisco (and soon other regions) to discover real-world addresses you want to own. Once you are the proud and “true owner” (thanks to blockchain!), you’ll earn some UPX, the in-game cryptocurrency. 

Special offer for our readers at AltcoinBuzz!

As a new Upland user, you will get a 3,000 UPX sign-up bonus. By using Dappradar’s special link in your browser you will get a 6,000 UPX sign-up bonus. Double up and get started today!

Important: Do NOT yet use the iOS or Android app to sign up because you will only get the standard sign up bonus of 3,000 UPX. Multiple accounts are not allowed.

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