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ESCO The Fun Meme Setting The Pace

Meme coins are currently the hottest prospects in the crypto world in 2023. Also, some notable crypto meme coin projects kicked off in May 2023.

ESCO is a new meme coin project creating excitement in the crypto community, with many investors joining the train.

It is one of the most promising crypto prospects in 2023 and has an exciting road map ahead for its users.

What Is ESCO?

ESCO is a fun-based meme coin with a purpose, giving value to its holders.

It has a robust supply of 330 trillion tokens, following the same growth trend and potential of PEPE, another meme coin success.

93% of its total supply goes to a liquidity pool, with the other 7% reserved for listing on centralized exchanges and future developments. A multi-signature wallet will manage these tokens.

Users can hold, trade, and even share these tokens with their peers. A popular meme inspires the name ESCO but has no affiliations with Dicky or his creation Escobart.

Explosive Growth Potential In 2023 And Beyond

ESCO launched on May 15, 2023, and landed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko in just 24 hours, making it one of the most successful crypto projects ever.

Also, it now has a 3.5 million USD trading volume on Uniswap a few days after its launch showing massive investor interest.

ESCO is live and trending on dextools.io, trading in the green since May 15, 2023. The instant success of the project is down to its strong community and thriving ecosystem.

ESCO has an exciting road map that is already up and running as the community expands. Currently, the projects await community partnerships, DEX listings, and 10,000+ holders.

Also, a top crypto exchange, BitMart, announced its official listing of $ESCO coin on its website, stating it’s coming soon. This announcement follows just 24 hours after ESCO’s launch, which is phenomenal.

This listing will likely usher in another price increase as ESCO gains vital exposure and utility.

Also, other top exchanges will likely follow suit, which will be a record-breaking achievement since it is still in its early days.

ESCO is gaining over 397% in its price in 24 hours, which is a massive profit for its early investors.

How To Purchase ESCO

ESCO tokens are easy to acquire using these steps.

  1. Create A Wallet

Users can download a METAMASK wallet or any preferred and secured crypto wallet from the app store or Google Play store. Also, desktop users can download the Google Chrome Extension through MetaMask.io.

  1. Acquire ETH

ETH is necessary to initiate a swap for ESCO tokens. You can buy from your wallet or transfer from another wallet or crypto exchange.

  1. Visit Uniswap

Go to Uniswap and connect your wallet. Input the amount of ETH for swapping and click on SWAP. Confirm your transaction when prompted for a signature.

  1. All Done

After confirmation, a swap occurs, exchanging ETH for ESCO tokens.


Esco Coin (ESCO) is making waves in the crypto community asserting its dominance as a top meme coin project.

Its commitment to putting the fun in funds ensures that every user can benefit from its explosive growth.

Like PEPE and other popular meme coins, ESCO will reward its early investors as its rally has just begun.

With its upcoming listing on BitMart and other exchanges to follow suit, it holds enormous potential for investors.

Also, its community is growing exponentially, gaining over 8,000 followers on its Twitter handle a few hours after its launch.

Although cryptocurrencies are unpredictable, meme coins offer investors a chance to gain after missing out on popular projects like Bitcoin.

ESCO is a project for the present and the future and will reward investors who make the smart move to acquire its tokens.



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