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KittieFIGHT - Cryptokitties Combat MMO With Lending Protocol Jackpots

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We are entering the modern age where people interact and enjoy entertainment via the internet. People can watch movies or play games from their devices, conveniently and easily. So that many platforms today provide entertainment access to various customers globally, at affordable prices, and easier access. One platform that provides an interesting game is KittieFIGHT - this is a platform that provides combat game filled with cats, memes, and cat memes - this is a blockchain-based platform that allows users not only to play a fun game but also rewards, jackpots, even crypto services like lenders, stakers, etc.

Cryptokitties Combat MMO With Lending Protocol Jackpots

KittieFIGHT will become a Combat MMO game platform which will become a new category of blockchain fun for cat lovers and gamers alike. The KittieFIGHT solution allows users to play competitive games with jackpots and rewards that maximize their profit. With KittieFIGHT, users will be taken to new opportunities and experiences that they have never experienced before.

This is a game platform built by a professional and reliable team who has experience in developing blockchain, so the KittieFIGHT team tries to combine their experience with gaming applications, which can produce a game application that is not only entertaining but also economically profitable for users.

KittieFIGHT Product

KittieFIGHT will provide users with an interesting and different combat MMO game, where users can get economic value from the games they play. This is a crowd driven realtime Dapp fighting game on the Ethereum blockchain that is built on a mechanism that is honest and fair to users. When users play this game, they have the opportunity to get a jackpot or reward in the form of crypto tokens that they can exchange on the exchange platform. Players only need to beat their opponents with a strategy according to the rules by KittieFIGHT. Both players must be able to think of the best strategy to get the jackpot prize of Ether and Kittiefight KTY ERC20 tokens.

KittieFIGHT has an ERC20 KTY utility token economy which has a limited supply. This token will serve as a 'payment' in-game. During the lifecycle of every game, there is an incentive for various gaming fees paid in Kittiefight (KTY) ERC20 tokens, via the game reward Jackpot Prize denominated in Ether and Kittiefight KTY ERC20 tokens. The more user requests for KittieFIGHT (KTY) tokens in the game, the higher the value of the KTY tokens, which is an additional "gift" for players.

In Conclusion

KittieFIGHT is a blockchain-based game platform that will provide users with different and economically profitable combat MMO games. This is a combat game with visual gameplay and auditory immersion reminiscent of the Mortal Kombat game experience of the 90s, which can attract game lovers from all over the world to play this game. KittieFIGHT will provide users with combat MMO games that are not only entertaining but also have a user experience and economic value that cannot be found on other platforms.



  • Combat MMO game for Cryptokitties users.

  • Game jackpots backed by Lending Protocol.

  • A game platform built by a professional and reliable team

  • Honest and transparent game mechanics.

  • Weekly yields to lenders, DAO stakers, and game-winners.

  • Gamified KTY Token demand economy with UNISWAP AMM.

  • Players drive combat by betting ETH.


WEB: https://www.kittiefight.io/

WHITEPAPER: https://www.kittiefight.io/whitepaper

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/KittieFIGHT_DeFi

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kittiefightHQ

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kittiefight


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