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PrimeXBT Contests: How To Win Crypto Prizes

The promise of free cryptocurrencies that can someday turn into valuable coins is a proposition no one wants to pass up. Airdrops are among the most popular methods to get free crypto, while others rely on referral programs and other solutions.

At PrimeXBT, users can instead join fun and exciting no-risk weekly trading competitions to win crypto-based prizes. Here is everything you need to know about how to win crypto prizes from PrimeXBT Contests and what you can do with the cryptocurrencies you earn.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Free Crypto

The idea of getting cryptocurrencies for free has gained a bad reputation over recent years. Scams involving fake Twitter accounts impersonating celebrities would promote giveaways where users had to send some crypto to get double the amount in return. Followers of these accounts sent money, only to later realize they’d been scammed.

But not all free crypto is bad, and avoiding it altogether could be a huge mistake. For example, early Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen famously gave away 19,700 BTC in 2010 via a faucet website. Today, that free crypto is valued at more than $45 million dollars. More popular examples of airdrops that ultimately made early users a lot of money include Uniswap and, more recently, Aptos. 

All About The PrimeXBT Trading Platform 

PrimeXBT is an award-winning margin trading platform with a plethora of cryptocurrency-based products and services, which include long and short positions with leverage on more than 100 different assets, copy trading, an educational website, and the PrimeXBT Contests platform. 

Unlike airdrops and other ways to earn free crypto, there are no extra steps or hoops to jump through. There is no catch or cost at all, and because users are given risk-free virtual funds, there is also no need to worry about losing money. 

How To Win Crypto With Weekly Trading Competitions 

New trading competitions go live each week, and anyone can join at any time. All skill or experience levels are welcome. Competitions have unique stipulations to keep things interesting and fresh, such as reaching above a certain threshold of trading volume or taking only short positions. 

Prizes are awarded in cryptocurrencies like USDT and range in value depending on the difficulty of the competition conditions. Grand prizes range from $1,000 to $10,000, and prize pools can reach up to $100,000, broken down into a series of crypto-based prizes. Occasionally, NFTs or other digital items are awarded alongside free crypto capital. 

No-Risk Trading Enables Safe Strategy Backtesting, Practice 

Winning crypto prizes isn’t the only rewarding aspect of PrimeXBT Contests. The no-risk, simulated trading environment replicates real-time price charts in dozens of trading pairs, allowing traders of all skill levels to practice trading or backtest technical indicators. 

It is the perfect companion to the PrimeXBT Trading Academy. The free service is hosted by veteran trader Dirk Hartig, who has over two decades of experience. Hartig passes down his nearly infinite knowledge in the form of helpful videos, market updates, and trading strategies. 

What You Can Do With The Crypto You Earn

Winning crypto from PrimeXBT instantly becomes more valuable because it can be used as collateral to trade forex, crypto, stock indices, and commodities on leverage. Build a portfolio of long and short positions from more than 100 trading instruments under a single roof.

The company is also known for its peer-to-peer copy trading community, where the crypto can be used to automatically copy other top traders by becoming a follower. Followers use a massive, transparent leaderboard system to pick which strategy managers to follow. Top performers have more than 4,000% in all-time profits. 

Win Crypto With PrimeXBT Contests

Forget other ways to earn crypto and join weekly trading competitions from PrimeXBT Contests. The crypto you can possibly win could be turned into a 4,000% profit or more. Other methods might seem too good to be true, but fully transparent trading metrics mean there is proof behind the impressive performance. 

Whether you are just beginning and looking for free capital to get started or a pro looking to show off your skills and earn some extra crypto at the same time, there is no better place than PrimeXBT. 


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