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Solana (SOL)-Based Altcoin Skyrockets 266% After Earning Support From Top Crypto Exchange

A Solana ()-based altcoin is exploding in price after earning surprise support from top Korean cryptocurrency exchange UpBit.

According to UpBit, the crypto change is support for Access Protocol (), which is a new content monetization crypto project built on top of Solana and Ethereum scaling solution Starknet.

UpBit, which has the largest trading volume of any exchange in Korea, says trading of ACS on its platform is to begin March 7th.

News of the listing sent the price of Access Protocol soaring by 296%, from a low of $0.00467 on the day of announcement on March 6th to a high of $0.0185 the following day. ACS is trading for $0.0111 at time of writing.

Access Protocol is designed to provide content creators with the ability to create their own paywall on their site and offer premium content to supporters, according to the project’s website

Subscribers use ACS tokens to enter creator pools giving them access to content and that gives both subscribers and the content creators daily rewards in a 50-50 split.

“Users subscribe to creator ‘pools’ with the ACS token, unlocking a set of content or services determined by the creator. In addition to receiving content, when you subscribe to a creator pool, both you and the creator split a daily reward.”

Late last month, UpBit Shiba Inu () as the Dogecoin () rival’s community gears up for the beta launch of layer-2 project Shibarium.


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