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XT.com lists the Feetback NFT collection on its exclusive NFT platform

The 8888 NFTs will soon be discoverable to a worldwide audience thanks to the Feetback project’s distinctive collection of feet NFTs that will soon be posted on the XT NFT platform. This new listing will elevate ever-demanding NFTs and metaverse aficionados globally and provide the new fuel needed to advance the NFT industry.

On August 1st, 2022, XT.com will launch the Feetback NFT collection on its dedicated NFT platform, XT NFT. Images of a pair of feet displayed in exclusive designs are part of the NFT collection that is depicted in the project. By trading NFTs at reasonable prices and taking advantage of the unique NFT collection, the Feetback and XT communities can profit from this new offering.

A couple of NFT enthusiasts who are passionate about their idea started the Feetback project. The project’s name is “the back of one’s foot.” You can utilise the NFT that you own by using these intriguing pairs of feet to purchase land in the metaverse and possibly even in the actual world in the future!

“We’d love to have the innovative project Feetback listed on our NFT platform. Along with catering to the metaverse buffs with its unique utilities and features, the project also supports humanitarian causes,” – Jonathan Shih, the Head of MEA of XT.com.

The initiative intends to address humanitarian challenges in addition to becoming well-known for its distinctive qualities and features. It’s interesting to note that the project’s promotional activity profits—10%—go to charitable endeavours.


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