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Bitcoin Is Crushing Gold As Crypto Adoption Cycle Accelerates, Says Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz

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Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz thinks Bitcoin (BTC) is the new asset of choice for people seeking to protect themselves from the effects of inflation.

In Galaxy Digital’s Q3 earnings call, the billionaire says that gold’s recent track record has likely been a disappointment to investors of the precious metal.


“I think if you had asked gold bugs two years ago where the price of gold would be, given what’s happened in monetary and fiscal conditions around the world, they would have all answered far higher than here at $1,800.

What’s happened? There’s been a substitution of Bitcoin for gold. We’ve seen it directly [and] indirectly. You see it in the charts. I still think gold was probably an okay asset to own in this environment, but it’s just gotten crushed by Bitcoin…”

Novogratz thinks that Bitcoin adoption will only continue to grow while comparing the rise of blockchain technology to how the digital camera transformed photography.

“If you think about any other shift when we went from analog to digital, how many people still use Kodak film? Bitcoin is just a better version of a store of value, and it’s being accepted at an accelerating pace…

There are now over 200 million people around the world that participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and it continues to grow.”

The investor concludes that BTC has passed the use-case test of whether people come to view the top crypto as being a store of value.

“A store of value gets its worth from the social construct [where] people agree that it’s valuable. ‘I’m going to hold my hard-earned money, my labor, my savings in this form.’

The debate about ‘Is it a store of value?’ is way over. It was over nine months ago, and so now it’s just adoption. And it doesn’t mean it won’t be volatile… I just think you are going to continue to see it adopted. It’s cheaper to store. It’s easier to move.”

At time of writing, Bitcoin continues its recent downward trend and is trading at $57,206.


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