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Brave Vs Presearch: Point of view from a former Brave Connoisseur

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As you read this, chances are you aren't that great at trading. However, that's alright. You don't have to be good at trading to turn a profit.

How can I help, Max?What do you mean Max?How can I help, Max? you say.

Here's what I mean.

For $20 a month (less than a day's worth of coffee), you will get:

  • COMPLETE market reviews (what markets are good to trade, what general direction the market will move in, how to capitalise on this)
  • All my personal trades (I have a 70% strike rate, so I win 7 out of 10 trades)
  • Long term trades (we made 10000% on these in the group in October 2020)
  • Mid term trades 
  • Binance, KUCOIN and Huobi Altcoin trades
  • A telegram signal account that gives trades to take

All for JUST $20 a month. Is PRESEARCH better than Brave?

Which is better? I am personally an afficionado of the BRAVE platform. I had been very happy with Brave, the browser, and everything about it for quite some time. However, in recent times I have come to dislike the centralised withdrawal process and the high fees associated with.

That you don't earn much either really pisses me off. Plus, there's Presearch.

  • Join my telegram channel here for education and the occasional trade.
  • Message me @MadMaxx12
  • According to me, a partnership with BINANCE trumps everything presearch has. 

UI: Brave is in fact a browser, and it looks a bit like chrome, which isn’t a bad thing because it looks gorgeous.

Additionally, Brave gets updated nightly. There has never been a company more dedicated to delivering nightly updates.

Presearch has a simpler interface.Staked keywords are a fantastic idea that is the best part of Presearch. Which is better then Brave?



Presearch You can also give this post a like, a tip, and a follow for more! Goodbye for now.

As a result, . If you're reading this, chances are that you're not as good at trading as you think.

But that's all right. You don't have to be a master trader to make money.

Max, what are you talking about? Presearch is kind of a How can I help, Max?betterHow can I help, Max? alternative, since it's much more decentralised than Brave. But which one is better?

There are only 10 spots available for this month.

WHY BRAVE IS How can I help, Max?BETTERHow can I help, Max?

  • More partnerships: When this is done, I'll get you in. The first three people who pay will get TWO months for the price of one. There's nothing not to love about this. Get in now!
  • I am unable to support Brave. Also, it gets updated recently
  • BAT has a higher market cap and is more supported on exchanges.
  • Recently, I have come to not like the centralised withdrawal process, as well as the high fees that come with it. I absolutely love the concept, and I love the browser. I'm also annoyed with the low pay.Then there's Presearch.



  • Decentralised (kind of): Presearch doesn't require your private details to withdraw, which is amazing.
  • Why is Brave better? An alliance with Binance basically trumps everything presearch offers in my opinion.
  • The Brave browser is actually a browser, and it looks a lot like Chrome, which is not a bad thing because Chrome looks great.

Also, it got updated recently.BAT has a bigger market cap and has more support from exchanges.Nightly updates are literally magic on Brave. I have never seen a company so dedicated to updating the database at night.

Brave takes up a TON of space after a while of use, but Presearch takes up a tab.Staking of keywords is a brilliant idea, so you give free traffic to those who need it.Have you used Presearch or Brave? Please let me know! Thanks for reading. 

Bye for now.


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