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DEFHOLD - Non-inflationary Staking and Farming System

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Saving has never been fun. The task is tedious and requires a great deal of self-control. Sadly, these reasons are only worsened when discussing saving cryptocurrencies. How do you make investors want to hold their cryptos, even during times of market volatility? One company thinks it’s found an answer to this question - DEFHOLD.

Most crypto investors chose to exit the market during price drops via fiat or stablecoin trading pairs. In most instances, an investor will trade out of the cryptomarket and attempt to buy back in at a lower rate. If successful, this move will strengthen their position. However, it’s incredibly difficult to determine the market bottom.

To accomplish this task, you need to have a firm understanding of the market conditions, players, and events outside of the market that could impact its development such as regulations. While some DeFi investors possess this level of understanding in the market, most are there simply for speculative reasons.

Speculative investors are notorious for having weak hands. When speculative traders see red, they run. The main reason for this departure from the market is because there is no reason to hold tokens and incur the entire brunt of the loss - all that changes with DEFHOLD.

Inflation is Done

DEFHOLD introduces the world to a non-inflationary staking and farming system that pays you to HODL your tokens. The entire DEFHOLD ecosystem was built from the ground up to combat inflation. For example, there will only be 12,000 DEFO available. The company will not issue any additional tokens to ensure scarcity.

This is in stark contrast to the competition. Most DeFi platforms follow a business model that depends on inflationary tokens. These firms mint these tokens to improve their APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Sadly, this strategy leaves the market open to catastrophic failure from multiple threats.

Every time a DeFi platform issues more tokens, it detracts from the value of the tokens already in circulation. When you combine this fact with the shaky hands of speculative investors, you end up with a recipe for disaster. Runoff sales are just a news story away in the current state of the market.

DEFHOLD Pays You to Save

At the core of DEFHOLD's strategy are multiple yield generating mechanisms. These protocols pay investors to stay strong and sure in their investment into DEFHOLD. Here are some of the ways you earn using DEFHOLD.

DEFO Token

The DEFO token is the main utility token for the network. This is the token that you can farm, stake, and pay fees in. Once the platform will be launched, DEFHOLD users can stake DEFO tokens or farm DEFO/ETH & DEFO/USDT LP tokens. Importantly, developers expressed a desire to expand this list to include more tokens. Keenly, any new pools will need to stake a corresponding amount to the EWF in DEFO tokens to get operational.

The revenues will originate from a combination of transfer fees and early staking release fees. DEFHOLD users can retrieve their staked cryptocurrency at any time. However, if it’s before the time lock is up, there is a small fee. Additionally, any transactions within the network incur a 2% fee. These fees are redistributed to farmers and stakers.

Specifically, the platform introduces an EWF (Early Withdrawal Fee) mechanism. These fees get split up between the remaining pool members. In this way, it pays to remain staking with DEFHOLD. This strategy allows DEFHOLD to promote a robust community of long-term token holders.


Airdrops are one of the best ways for companies to distribute tokens to users. In the DEFHOLD ecosystem, there are monthly Airdrops that occur to DEFO wallet holders who have held their assets for at least a month. A smart contract held on the Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID) platform issues 10% of the fund every month for the next 10 months.


LID is also where the platform chose to host its ICO. This was a wise decision because the platform provides investors with protections against rug pulls. Given the state of the DeFi market, this is a guarantee investor can appreciate.

DEFO Token Holders - Governance

DEFO token holders will be able take part in the fully decentralized governance system. This system allows the average user to participate and guide the development of DEFHOLD. Community driven governance models are popular in DeFi because they allow investors to vote to launch new pools, upgrade the system, or remove certain protocols.

Investor Info - Presale Details

DEFHOLD will commence its highly anticipated presale on 11/18/2020, 9:00 AM PST. The event will provide early-bird investors with steep discounts. Specifically, you can grab 1.56 DEFO for 0.1 ETH and benefit of presale bonus up to 25%. Best of all, LID and DEFHOLD agreed to lock 75% of ETH raised into the Uniswap liquidity pool together with 19.50% of the DEFO tokens. This ensures you get the first chance to earn profits on your assets.

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