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My personal cryptocurrency do's & don'ts with an overview of Trybe.

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Many people new to cryptocurrency usually at first glance see it as an investment.  Upon a little digging they begin to get a better understanding of exactly what cryptocurrency is & how diverse the different types of cryptocurrencies can be. Once the realization sets in about the variety of platforms and types of cryptocurrency services and giveaways  available they'll find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of ways they can make cryptocurrency. In this article i will cover various methods used to earn free cryptocurrency & which method i found most effective with the highest earning potential with little to no investment.


   Allot of people likely gravitate towards air-drops I myself am guilty of this, coinbase and their learn to earn functionally is a airdrop that i have earned. This however is not incredibly feasible in the long term outside of the Uniswap airdrop i haven't heard of many that pass the $100 mark.  Once you consider the amount of effort some airdrops require with referrals needed or the risk of signing up for a scam thinking its a airdrop it is not worth the money in my opinion.


    Another thing many assume is a great way to make cryptocurrency is  mining. Once they realize that mining off their desktop is far from profitable they can pursue cloud mining or server mining.  A good example is CryptoTab however they are in my opinion the only good one though not very profitable they are free or fairly cheap depending on the version.  While many cloud mining services are extremely expensive in comparison to CryptoTab they seem to be profitable i'm the best case scenario.  However I have seen several people lose money from investing in cloud mining  just to have the company go out of business.  So I wouldn't consider using this type of service everyone's entitled to their own  opinion and in mine cloud mining is a scam .



Another thing that many newbies including myself think is worth the effort is faucets,  I still use about 3 faucet services in a day however I was convinced that solving a Google captcha round the clock was going to make me rich.  It sadly hasn't happened yet  so just learn from my mistakes  put your efforts in to cryptocurrency social media platforms.  Platforms such as read.cash, PublishOx, Trybe, Hive, Uptrend, Steamit, & leo finance.


Brave content creator 

You more than likely already post your referral links  or your original content to reddit, Facebook,  and Twitter. They are good for exposure for your posts and articles however they alone won't pay you for posting content & reading other people's content.  So if you have not already been signed up for Brave Browser content creator functions this would be a good place to start.  This essentially means that you are linking your social media accounts on reddit and Twitter to brave  that pays you BAT basic attention token for your reddit/Twitter content. This however is just a little bit of cryptocurrency to the average person. It's a good addition to what you would be receiving if you repost your articles the other services that pay you cryptocurrency outright.


Easily understood crypto blogs

There's a couple of good choices that are not to difficult for those whom perhaps have less experience with cryptocurrency exchanges. Read.cash is one of the easiest cryptocurrency social media platforms to use & one of my favorite favorites.  Users can post content and have said content viewed by others who may be interested in the topic. They are payed by the tips in BCH that the read.cash bot and users that tip the content at first but the more you are involved with the community and the better your posts become a  sponsor may offer you a sponsorship.


This next one will pay you less cryptocurrency than read.cash however they don't necessarily require you to post content to earn cryptocurrency either. PublishOx is similar in that users can receive tips for their content but they also can tip themselves from a pool of daily tips provided by PublishOx. So every 24 hours you can log in look at others content and tip them & yourself a % of a cryptocurrency tip. This cryptocurrency will be either BAT, ETH, or LRC many people prefer to start here because it gives you a idea of what to post.



Block chain LEDGER based blogs 


These next few are a little more difficult than read.cash and PublishOx due to the fact that these blogs are based on the blockchain themselves.  This means that the users posts account and cryptocurrency are all recorded to the block chain ledger. Some of these services require resources to post content  and this can be difficult for less experienced to understand. However it's this difficulty that makes these sites such as Hive, Leo finance, steamit,  and Trybe more versatile and therefore more profitable. 

This isn't always the case for instance Steamit to me seems kinda like it's dead in comparison to say Hive.  Most likely due to the fact that Steamit was the first of it's kind . For these services posting content,  commenting, & upvoting all require you to allocate resources for the fee to make changes to the blockchain ledger.  This is most of the time allocated to your account by the service your using on a weekly basis however if you want to post more  than the power provided to you you will have to buy some.  You gotta spend money to make money .

Trybe overview 

I came across Trybe while I was checking out my new sponsors site and content. This is a cryptocurrency blog built on the EOS blockchain and functions in a manner very similar to Hive.  They reward users with Trybe tokens for posting content and ranking others content after reading. This is one of the sites that makes it easy to re post content which is sometimes difficult to determine if appropriate but they make this easy by giving users the option to do so.  This means that if you're publishing on read.cash already you can then re post your content to Trybe like many already do with PublishOx.  If you're new to Trybe please use my referral link well both get Trybe tokens i think that it's 500 tokens upon signing up. 




Though took me a while to get to this point where i make a minimum of $10 a day in crypto. I can save some people whom like me 1 or 2 years ago think solving one more captcha is gonna make you rich the effort it wont. $10 a day i know is good in comparison to a faucet because at most those pull in 1 dollar a day and im hesitant to say its that much. while these are not get rich quick ideas crypto blog posting is something every coinbase learn to earn re poster should be doing. Get paid at least something for those referrals you cant unload anyway.


Regardless of whether it is a re posting of your read.cash articles or referral links to crypto services you can post them to my crypto subreddit: Link

Big thanks to my sponsor's The crypto digest & Chesatochi and my followers and readers on read.cash for giving me so much support and encouraging comments.




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