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ScoreMilk a New Tron Project and another look at Moons and CSE

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Hello Everyone, I am back today to show you a new project that is just starting out, ScoreMilk. It was featured on TornSpark and it looks like it has a good idea. It is a place that will let you place games and then you bet to farm the tokens and maybe win. So check out the video and if you like the site I will have a link to it below. Bets are not live yet and will be on the next update. They have an active telegram and a good white paper with links below. I also take a quick look at Moon's and CSE at the end and while they are still up and working they need more people to join it to keep making us more Tron. Once again if you are a Subscriber and you want me to look at a project let me know. For now, it is free but you can send me some Tron if you want. I will be back soon with more videos now that I am doing better.

ScoreMilk Referal

TornSpark Write Up

?? Whitepaper

?? Just Swap Address

?? Token Contract Address Becareful there are 2 fakes:

TYaAqxSMub4VSqZFczKDk6NzQp9N9Mcik2CSE Referal

Moons Referal



ETH 0x2f02B38c883c4D573A37b241798bd34E0167F706


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