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Will Bitcoin pump again or dump?

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Since early last week, the whales have first accumulated on wallets and have then moved the funds to spot exchange in order to sell some of their coins, what explains first the bull run of last week and then the decrease of today.

Bitcoin is now trying to increase again, but there is no clear trend. Therefore, the question is: what will be the next step? A new bull run or a correction?

We will have to wait for a few more days to get a clear short term trend, but in the mid term Bitcoin will increase due to Biden victory which will boost both the tech stocks and Bitcoin, as mentioned by Michael Novogratz, a well-known investor.

I would recommend to keep 40% Bitcoin, 40% Ethereum (since Ethereum 2.0 will boost it...) and 10% in other altcoins such as SNX, Chainlink, Tezos, Atom, and to add the 40% BTC + 40% ETH to Uniswap liquidity pool. What are your thoughts on that? Please feel free to leave your comments.




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