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Airbnb Co-Founder Hints At Integrating Crypto Payments In 2022

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Giant airbnb hosting platform could possibly add the option to pay with cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of airbnb, recently highlighted some of the most requested products this year, noting that crypto payments topped the list.

Are cryptocurrency payments going to airbnb this year?

On January 2, Chesky asked his Twitter followers to suggest what they wanted from the Behemoth holiday rental in 2022. today, the executive revealed that the majority of respondents were interested in making payments in bitcoin and other digital currencies for houses and tourism activities on the vacation rental platform.

This request was followed by clear pricing, a customer loyalty program, enhanced customer service and updated cleaning fees. Chesky said airbnb "is already working on most" of these suggestions and "will review the others now". 

He added that he has received a wealth of token ideas, suggesting that the possible crypto airbnb payment option will not be limited to one or two digital assets. The company presently accepts visa, paypal, mastercard, apple pay and google pay as payment methods. The CEO also argued that, since 2013, airbnb has processed as much as $336 billion in payments. 


airbnb and crypto: an obvious match

notably, this is not the first time the airbnb co-founder is discussing cryptocurrencies.

speaking during an interview with fox business in september 2021, chesky said multiple clients have been requesting airbnb to enable crypto payments for years now. At the time, he also asserted that he was proud of coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange led by former airbnb employee Brian Armstrong.

Airbnb became a publicly traded company in december 2020. in its introduction prospectus (ipo), the company pointed out that it needed to adopt fast-growing technologies such as cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology behind it, and tokenisation in order to continue to succeed in the future.

in november, chesky told the verge that airbnb was “definitely looking into” crypto and the metaverse. "Like the revolution in travel, there is clearly a revolution happening in cryptography. Airbnb and crypto both have interesting confidence relationships,' he added.

Airbnb accepting Bitcoin amid fierce competition from blockchain alternatives like Travala dtravel's vacation rental service seems a more obvious one for both crypto and the San Francisco-based company.

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