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Can You Make Money With High Yield Bitcoin Investments?

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I'm actually a little embarrassed posting this one, but just a little bit though.  I did say I would post everything I do - good or bad.  Not that these investments or companies are necessarily bad.  They just come off as being a little on the risky side of things.  Partly because you can't find much about them on google.  Partly because of the high interest offers.  Partly because of the unpolished nature or clunky functionality on some of their websites.  Anyway, speaking of risk, try them at your own risk ;)  I've tried or am currently trying all of them.

In the interest of building up my BetFury dividend standing as quickly as possible (you can read more about that here), I am willing to take some risks with some higher paying investments.  I've seen them all over the place.  Often in ads on Facebook, ads at the sides of crypto-currency blogs, or in Telegram channels.  I decided to give a few of them a try. 

1) bitpay-miners.co - (13% / day) - Someone on Telegram showed this one to me.  I would actually recommend this one for some cautious investing, even though the website is a little on the unpolished side.  I've so far put in $20 and got out $22.60 the next day without issue.  I really wish it auto-compounded, but it doesn't  I'm going to invest $50 today as well.  They have several invest plans, they call them "deposit lists", but the basic is for depots of $20 to $850 and pays 13% in 24 hours.  The others are too rich for my blood right now. 

2) GlobalMining.ltd - (10% in 9 hours) -This one was also from Telegram.  This one offers 10% for 9 hours.  I decided to put in $50 this time.  It was a little odd, because it doesn't tell you how much bitcoin that is, so used an online converter and sent 0.00331 BTC.  After a couple hours my deposit wasn't showing up.  I contacted admin on Telegram and they responded immediately.  They said it was still pending.  Shortly after that it showed up.  

3) PlatinumInvestments.club - (4% / hour) - This one was also recommend from someone on Telegram.  They offer a whopping 4% per hour!  You have to restart and reinvest every hour manually though.  No auto-investing or auto-compounding.  Also, the site is somewhat clunky (not straight forward).  Anyway, I invested $35 to start and manually re-invested everything 4 times.  I put in a request for withdrawal almost 40 hours ago.  According to their site they process withdrawals manually for security reasons.  Hmmm....  If they send me the money I may try again just because of the 4% / hour. 

4) HourInterest.com - (1.3% in 1 hour) - I liked the idea of hourly interest so much, that I went onto google and searched for more.  I found this one that didn't look too sketchy.  For $5 to $3000 investment you get 1.3% to 1.5% per hour for 80 hours (roughly 3 days).  Yesterday, Nov 9th, I put in $5 to test the waters.  Everything went smoothly and I am happily earning my $0.07 per hour :)  See you in a couple days!

5) PurpleMining.ltd - (0.86% / hour) - The landing page of the site boasts 1.66% per hour for 120 hours (roughly 5 days).  My initial investment of 0.001 BTC went in just fine.  When I invested it, it turned out the 1.66% per hour is for investments of 0.3 BTC, I was only going to get 0.86% per hour.  It would have been better if they offered compounding, but they don't.  So after the 5 days my profit was 0.000032 BTC, so much for high yield ;)  The withdrawal went through quickly without a fee, but it took almost 24 hours to get it.

6) LtcMininer.com - (0.2 LTC / day) - I wouldn't actually recommend this one.  It was one of the first things I did when I started investigating crypto currencies.  I new it sounded pretty lofty, but I gave their free version a try.  The free version seems safe enough, If you are interested in earning 0.00025 LTC per withdrawal, with a limit of 2 withdrawals per day.  I did that for a few days without issue and decided to buy the next version up, v1.1 at the cost of 1 Litecoin (LTC).  That plan boasts 0.2 LTC profit per day.  It turns out I can still only make 2 withdrawals per day, and they are fixed at 0.01 LTC.  I'm not the best at math, but something doesn't add up.  I've contacted admin probably about 10 times now, with no response.  To this day I continue to take out my 0.02 LTC per day.

Right now my 2 favorites are #1 and #2.  Fingers crossed!

I know these sound a little on the risky side, but I get it.  I don't mind trying these sorts of things every now and then. 




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