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My Inwastment into TrustDice

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About a month ago I made an article about my toy inwastments into three gambling projects: EarnbetTrustdice and Betfury. As of today, Earnbet looks pretty much dead (though I still get from them like US$0.03 of dividends monthly), and Betfury is pretty much alive, but I will probably cover it in some other article.

Today I'd want to talk about my latest mess with Trustdice.

As I said in my previous article, Trustdice has its own TXT token which is traded at Newdex for EOS. Also, the guys offer a faucet to claim some BTC/ETH/USDT/TXT pennies every 6 hours and a wager2mine feature to "mine" TXT. However, today "mining" (especially "mining" with only free pennies from the faucet) is pretty much useless. It's easier, faster, and simply cheaper to buy TXT directly at Newdex.

I bought about 200K TXT long ago when the TXT price was like 0.00004-0.00005 EOS. Since then the price has nearly doubled. I also "mined" like 5900 TXT "for free" and reinvested 0.35 EOS of dividends, so as of now my stack is ~211K TXT.

Recently I've got another dividend payout of 0.01 ETH (0.009-something after withdrawal fee). I must say it took me a pretty long time, several months, to collect this 0.01 ETH from the faucet and daily dividend payouts... I'm going to reinvest this 0.01 ETH when the TXT price falls below 0.00008 EOS.

I was quite surprised by their withdrawal fee for USDT (ERC20). It's 10 USDT now! Well, I know that ETH gas is expensive nowadays, but I don't think it's that expensive. Besides, their withdrawal fee for ETH itself is much lower (0.0005 ETH at the moment). I doubt I will get 11 USDT (min withdrawal plus fee) any time soon, so I use my USDT dividends for "mining" TXT with their Crash game. It still pennies like 5 TXT on a good day, but it's still better than nothing.

Also, I started to jerk TXT from the faucet. It's 2x4=8 TXT daily at max, but I get like 4 on a good day. Combined with 5 TXT for the "daily task" (i.e. daily logging in) it's 9 TXT for free daily. Still better than nothing, but I must note that any meaningful amount of TXT comes in thousands. In other words, don't expect to get decent dividends or to become a TXT millionaire any time soon by simply jerking the faucet and "mining" with free coins...

So far my Trustdice inwastment goes rather well (at least, in relative figures, if not in absolute USD amounts), but mainly because I managed to buy some 200K TXT cheap. However, I don't know if TXT can double in price once again. Besides, the 50-70% ROI they show on their website shouldn't be taken for face value, in reality it's pretty volatile (as the whole alt market). But personally I think I'm currently much better with my EOS pennies put into Trustdice than staked somewhere at like 2% APY.



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