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With Much Anticipation in the Market as the Blockchain Gaming Space Continues to Gain Momentum, Trade Fighter Wants to Know ‘ Ar

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London, October 11th, 2021: Trade Fighter is where gamification meets price prediction— a new play-to-earn that combines the opportunity to earn the platform’s native token TDF with an

entry level approach into the world of trading. The game is simple to play and from beta testing results Trade Fighter is expecting the platform to reach millions of players around

the world.

Earning while playing — Enabling the next generation of gaming

Many analysts are excited by this space, led by the hugely successful Axie Infinity, Trade Fighter combines the fun of gaming with an early entry into price predictive trading.

The chance to play with as little as $1 of BNB/TDF and win 97% profit is really exciting and with winnings paid out in TDF, a token with ecosystem utility including early new game access, and even NFT’s on the horizon; the project looks to have so much potential.

The TDF token – utility and beyond

The TDF token will only ever have 150m in total existence, users can purchase these on Pancakeswap at 8am BST on Friday 15th October or earn them in game through correct price

predictions. In addition, the token will be used to play future in-dapp games.

Official website: www.tradefighter.io

Official Telegram: https://t.me/trade_fighter

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Trade_Fighter

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