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    +35 leading Tron & Bittorrent chain projects and Partners launch the s... Paris, France, 15th August, 2022, ChainwiresTRONger Together Challenge, an initiative highlighting the best projects within the TRON and BitTorrent Chain ecosystem, has launched its first season. The month-long showcase led by Visions of Blockchain will feature close to 40 decentralized projects focused on such verticals as GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, and Esports and not only. Over $10,000 USDT will be given away to the TRON & BitTorrent Chain communities during the course of the challenge. sTRONger Together Challenge has been conceived as a direct way to give back to the TRON & BitTorrent Chain communities while encouraging them to support TRON and BitTorrent projects. It’s an opportunity to shine a light on the thriving ecosystem, and demonstrate the many ways in which TRON and BitTorrent are evolving in tandem. In addition, the challenge will emphasize the spate of building that has been continuing apace all year on TRON, despite market conditions. Starting on Monday August 15, sTRONger Together Challenge will feature one social media post per day for 30 days. Each post will highlight the work of one TRON or BitTorrent Chain project and include an invitation to interact with its platform and community. TRON and BitTorrent projects and their communities will be invited to participate by sharing, liking, reposting, and engaging in other social activities that will spread the word. For each day that the challenge runs, a community airdrop will be conducted, with a total of over $10,000 USDT to be given away during the course of the campaign. Welcome to #theSTRONgerTogetherChallenge be tuned for more updates in our official channel - https://t.me/Challenge_Tron_sTRONgerTogether Projects that will participate in the sTRONger Together Challenge include the following: 4thTech  Adshares  AhoyConnect Allbridge  APR Marketing Arabian Camels  BabyTuru  Capitol Lion Carpe Diem Savings Crypto Challengers Coinmarketleague Crystl Finance  Cubie  dCloud  Deba's Wulf Pack  Elk Finance  HUMAN Protocol  Indacoin  InterCrone World  JustMoney Kattana  Legends of Elysium MasterBlox Neotech Finance  NFTmall  RUA Games  RUA Legends  SaTT  T-Rex Punks  ThanX Finance  Tokenomeme  Tron Web3 Domains Tronbies  TronNinjas  Tronbakery USTX  VersacBrickSquad  Visions of Blockchain  XDAO  About Visions of Blockchain - META MULTIVERSE CORP S.R.L Visions of Blockchain is an advisory agency dedicated to supporting web3 projects with a focus on the social and financial impact the technology can bring to everyday lives. sTRONger Together Challenge is its latest initiative to engage the Tron DAO and BitTorrent Chain communities, united by an ethos of mutual support, solidarity and inclusiveness. We don't forget that behind every innovation, there are humans building for humans. ContactsVoB Founder & sTRONgerTogetherChallenge InitiatorLaurent [email protected] 1231   398 

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